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"Jerry... returned again a decade later, in the early 1990’s. and purchased the largest piece of residential property in all of Fire Island, at the end of Beach Hill Walk and Bay Walk, in the Pines. He renovated that property that encompasses three lots, built a new pool on the bay, and updated the house itself to all the modern comforts of his newly named “Song on the Sand”. That July, for his birthday, he opened up his home to a giant cocktail party for all the friends and neighbors that he had known for over three decades.


That Summer, he also had Carol Channing as his house guest, who enjoyed dancing all night long at the Pavilion. One of Jerry’s neighbors turned to Jerry at the Pavilion, pointing at Carol, and whispered to Jerry, “if he were an inch taller, he could pass for the real Carol Channing”. “Ah” replied Jerry, “this one has had a lot of practice.” Almost no one in the Pavilion that night realized that that was the very real Carol Channing, letting her hair down, literally. To this day, Jerry Herman considers Fire Island Pines as his most cherished of communities that he has ever lived in." from the Fire Island Pines Historical Society, Jon Wilner Remembers Jerry Herman,



Jerry Herman

Herman was a five-time Tony-nominated composer known for hits such as Hello, Dolly!, Mame, and La Cage aux Folles.


Fire Island

From Oscar Wilde’s visit to the island in 1882 to Cherry Grove as “America's First Gay and Lesbian Town,” Fire Island has long been home and haven to LGBTQ visitors and residents alike.

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